Using Microsoft Teams with Blackboard (faculty)


Instructors who want to use Microsoft Teams for remote meetings may find it challenging to connect all of their students to Teams.  Blackbaord has now introduced a Microsoft Teams integration, allowing instructors to create Microsoft Teams meetings and link to them in their Blackboard courses.  Students and instructors need to download Microsoft Teams to their desktop and can log into the meeting with their USJ credentials.  This article outlines the steps for creating a Microsoft Teams meeting in Blackboard.


Blackboard, Microsoft Teams


To open the Microsoft Teams tool in Blackboard, enter any course and go to the Course Management panel in the lower left corner.  Expand the Course Tools menu, then select Microsoft Teams.

Blackboard Course Management panel with Course Tools and Microsoft Teams links highlighted

You will be prompted to sign into Microsoft Teams.  Click on Sign In, and log in with your USJ email address and email password.  In the next window, click on Create Meeting Link to schedule your meeting. 

Microsoft Teams Sign In window and Create Meeting button

Add a title for your meeting, dates and times, then click Create.

Microsoft Teams meeting creation details

When the meeting is created, a new window will pop up.  Click on Add to Calendar to add the meeting to your Blackboard calendar for the course.  This will also copy the link to the meeting to your clipboard, which you can paste into an Outlook invite, email or Blackboard announcement. 

Meeting Created window in Microsoft Teams with window indicating meeting has been added to calendar

Blackboard will also post a link to the meeting in your course in the first content area on your course menu.  The link will be created using Adaptive Release so that it only displays one hour before the meeting.

To join the meeting, you and your students can click on the link in your course, the course calendar or on the link you shared.  You will be prompted to open or download Microsoft Teams to get started.  Once you do that, click on Join Now to start your meeting.



Blackboard recently introduced a feature that allows users to create Microsoft Teams meetings and link to them in their courses.  This allows instructors to use Teams in their course easily without having to enroll all of their students in a Microsoft Team.


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