Update Required: Modern Lifecycle Policy for Microsoft Teams Desktop Client phase 2 continuation

Title of Notification

Date: Jul 10, 2020



As a modern online service, the Microsoft Teams client auto-updates every two weeks. Because Teams is governed by the Modern Lifecycle Policy, it is expected that users remain on the most up to date version of the desktop client. As announced in October 2019 (MC193099), we will be advising users to update to the latest version of Teams to ensure that they have the latest capabilities, performance enhancements, and security features as well as service reliability.


When This Will Happen

We have been carrying out this process in three phases. Your organization has users that are impacted by the second phase.

  • This second phase will roll out mid-July.
  • The second phase impacts users on Teams desktop clients released prior to 2019, which is below our last supported version.
  • This would impact all users who are below version numbers containing 1.2.00.XXXX (ex: would be affected by this phase)

Your organization may also have users that will be impacted by phase three; we will send you another MC post should that be the case.


How This Will Affect Your Organization

Users who are on old versions of Teams will receive in-app notifications advising them to update to the latest version of Teams. After 28 days of receiving their first notification, users who are on an above-mentioned version will encounter a redirect page. This page will inform users that they are using an old version of the Teams desktop client, and they will be directed to update their client or continue to Teams on the web.

What You Need To Do To Prepare

To avoid disruption, if you have users on old versions of Teams, you should update the to the most recent version. Please see Teams update process to learn how to keep up to date with the current versions.

Who will be impacted

Note: this list may not include all users. Using PowerShell and Get-Mailbox you can identify the user via the GUID(s) provided below:

User ID(s)




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