Introducing resource-specific consent for Microsoft Teams

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(Updated) Introducing resource-specific consent for Microsoft Teams

Date: November 10, 2020



Major update: Announcement
Applies To: All
Updated November 10, 2020: We are pleased to announce that this feature has completed rolling out and is available in your organization as applicable.

Resource-specific consent (RSC) for Microsoft Teams makes it possible for team owners to consent to apps accessing their team data without explicit admin approval. Admins may choose which team owners can consent.

Live transcripts in Microsoft Teams meetings will provide another way to both follow and review meeting conversations. Note: Live transcription currently supports only spoken English (English-US).

Key points

  • Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 56605
  • Timing: end of August (previously mid-August); complete end of September (previously mid-September)
  • Roll-out: tenant level
  • Control type: admin control 
  • Action: review and assess  


When This Will Happen

We will begin rolling this out in mid-February (previously mid-November) and expect the rollout to be complete at the end of February (previously end of November).

How This Will Affect Your Organization

Apps provide out-of-the-box or custom tools for your organization to get more out of Teams.

Previously, any app that accessed Microsoft Graph APIs for Microsoft Teams needed global admin consent. Most other Graph APIs support user consent, i.e., consent by someone other than an admin, which allows apps using those APIs to be run without admin consent.

With RSC, you no longer need to grant an app tenant-wide approval. Instead, you can give a team owner the ability to install an RSC app that will have access to only that team’s Teams Graph API. RSC allows apps to create, rename and delete channels; read channel messages; create tabs; and read team membership and settings.

RSC permissions

There is no change in how you track apps that have been installed in your tenant. You can continue to block a specific application from being installed in your tenant.

If you have enabled recording (Allow cloud recording) and transcription (Allow transcription) policies for your tenant, your users will now see two options in the meeting control bar:

  • Recording and Transcription
  • Transcription

Note that recording is combined with transcription. If a user begins recording, the meeting will also feature a live transcription. The meeting transcript is automatically saved whether or not the meeting has been recorded if a user initiated the transcription.

The transcript file will be accessible for download post-meeting via chat as well as from the Transcript tab.

The meeting organizer will be able to delete the saved transcript when using the Teams desktop app.

What You Need To Do To Prepare

From the Microsoft Teams admin center, manage RSC through the setting, “Users can consent to apps accessing company data for the groups they own."

  • By default the RSC setting mirrors the setting, "Users can consent to apps accessing company data on their behalf."
    • If users can consent to accessing company data, they can also consent to accessing company data in groups they own.
    • If a user cannot consent to apps accessing company data for the groups they own, they cannot install RSC apps.
  • If you do not want your Team owners to be able to use RSC approvals for apps, you can disable this feature.
  • You may also limit the ability to consent to RSC apps to specific team owners, rather than all team owners.

In this example, all group owners are allowed to consent to apps accessing their group data.

Apps that have already been installed are not affected by this policy.

Also, You will need to enable the Allow transcription policy in order to have live transcriptions in tenant meetings. Today this policy is only used for post-meeting transcription, but we will use this policy for live transcription as well.

Note: When using the web client, attendees cannot see the live transcript during the meeting but can view and download the transcript post-meeting.



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