New file sharing experience in Teams

New file sharing experience in Teams

Date: July 16 2020



Based on learnings from our early rings, we have made the decision to make additional changes to the code before we proceed with the rollout. We will update this Message center post once we re-start the rollout.


When This Will Happen

November 27th 2020


How This Will Affect Your Organization

With this update, when users share a file from within Teams, they will have the option to create sharing links that provide access to

  • anyone,
  • people within your organization,
  • people with existing access or
  • specific people, including those in a 1:1 chat, group chat, or channels. 

Before users share a file in a chat and channels, they will be notified if recipients don't have permission to view the file. The user can change permissions before they share the file (if they have permission to do so).


What You Need To Do To Prepare

Teams honors the sharing controls defined in SharePoint. For example, if external sharing is disabled in SharePoint, then it is disabled in Teams as well. The default file link permission in Teams will be the same that is set at Tenant level, unless it is over ridden at site level.

Review your file sharing options in the SharePoint admin portal to ensure that they align with the requirements in your tenant.




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