Notifications coming to the Yammer Communities app in Microsoft Teams

Notifications coming to the Yammer Communities app in Microsoft Teams

Date: MC223381, Stay Informed, Published date: Oct 1, 2020



Updated December 1, 2020: We have updated the rollout timeline below. Thank you for your patience.

With this change, Yammer users can be notified in Teams when announcements are made in communities that they are a member of and when the user is @ mentioned in a conversation. This change affects the Yammer Communities app in the Microsoft Teams app (web, desktop, and mobile).


When This Will Happen

Timing: beginning in November and complete by early January.


How This Will Affect Your Organization

This change makes it easier for users to see their Yammer notifications and conversations, stay engaged, and react -- all within Teams.

If your organization or specific users in your organization have installed the Communities app in Microsoft Teams, they will begin receiving notifications in the Teams activity feed at the beginning of November. The rollout should be complete by the end of November.
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What You Need To Do To Prepare

Share this news with users at your organization and consider pinning Communities next to Chats and Teams. Ensure your corporate communications team is aware of this additional channel of reaching users across the organization.

Learn more: How to manage notifications in Teams (end user documentation)




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