(Updated) Shifts app groups will automatically have a tag in Teams

(Updated) Shifts app groups will automatically have a tag in Teams

Date:  December 3, 2020



Updated December 17, 2020: We have updated the rollout timeline for this release. Thank you for your patience.

The Shifts app in Microsoft Teams keeps workers connected and in sync. With this update, every group in the Shifts app will automatically have a tag in Teams. This feature means team members do not need to know the names of on-shift employees in order to communicate with them in a timely manner.

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When This Will Happen


We will begin rollout to individual users in early December, and it should be complete by end of January (previously mid-December).

How This Will Affect Your Organization

Tagging by shift automatically assigns users with tags matching their schedule in the Shifts app in Teams. Simply @mention the name of the shift group in a channel or use it when starting a new chat to notify everyone currently working at once.

Tag in chat

No update of the desktop app is needed. The feature will be available on iOS and Android when a user updates their mobile app.

Limitations follow:

  • Tags will not work in cross-channel posts outside of the team to which the shift schedule belongs
  • Tags are subject these limitations:
    • Maximum length of tag name: 40 characters (alphabetical, numerical, and/or special characters)
    • Maximum number of added members for one bulk request: 25
    • Maximum number of members per tag: 100
    • Maximum number of removed members for one bulk request: 25
    • Maximum number of tags per Team: 100
    • Maximum number of tags per member per Team: 10


What You Need To Do To Prepare

The feature is on by default only if the Shifts app and tagging have been enabled in the Teams admin center.

No action is needed unless you would like to disable the feature.

You might want to notify your users about this new capability and update your training and documentation as appropriate.


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