Retiring Delve mobile for iOS and Android


Date: March 2, 2021



We will retire Delve mobile for iOS and Android on June 1, 2021. We recommend Outlook Mobile instead, which has similar features available. You'll find profile information and files on the profile cards, and recommended documents on the Search tab. We'll continue to invest development resources to improve the functionality in Outlook Mobile.


When This Will Happen

Key Points:

  • Remove Delve mobile apps from App Store and Google Play: March 1, 2021
  • Stop serving requests from Delve mobile apps: June 1, 2021
  • Action: Review and educate users as appropriate


How This Will Affect Your Organization

You’re receiving this message because your tenant is in an environment that supports Delve mobile apps.


What You Need To Do To Prepare

There’s no action required. We recommend notifying your users and let them know about the similar features available in Outlook Mobile. 




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Tue 3/30/21 7:44 PM