(Updated) Introducing macOS native notifications in Teams


Date: March 11, 2021



Updated April 06, 2021: We have updated the rollout timeline below. Thank you for your patience.

With this update, your users will be able to choose their preferred means of Teams notifications delivery, either via the Teams built-in notification system or via their native OS notification system.

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When This Will Happen

MacOS 10.14 and greater native notifications: mid-April (previously late March) through end of April (previously mid-April)


How This Will Affect Your Organization

Should your users wish to change notifications of Teams messages from the Teams app to the native Mac OS notification system, they can do so in the Teams Notifications settings:

Native notification

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What You Need To Do To Prepare

When this feature rolls out, your user will see the new toggle in their Teams notification settings. There is no change in message notification behavior until a user enables the native OS notifications.

This setting is respected across all MacOS desktop clients (supported versions) that a user is logged into.


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