New and Upcoming Changes to Microsoft Office365

Changes for March 2022

Easier access to files in Teams from OneDrive

Release Date: Late March 2022 – Early April 2022

In OneDrive, Microsoft is adding a "Your Teams" section to the "More Places" page to allow you to easily find and work with all your files in Teams.

End users will see a “Your Teams” section when they navigate to the “More Places” page within OneDrive. The “Your Teams” section will include all the Teams which an end user is a member of within Teams and be sorted alphabetically.

The “Your Teams” section will also be available in the “More places” page in other OneDrive & SharePoint file experiences, such as the Move/Copy Picker.


OneDrive: New Command Bar

Release Date: Q2 2022

With this update users will be able to easily identify the right file and access primary commands. The new simplified view will permit users to focus on the content while at the same time being visually pleasing.

Users who interact with the OneDrive/SharePoint web viewer will easily find primary commands they usually interact with.