Connecting to the USJ-Guest WiFi Network


You need to connect to the Internet via WiFi but are not a USJ student, staff, or faculty.


Any WiFi enabled device, and you are not a USJ student, staff, or faculty


You will need to register on USJ-Guest Wifi in order to use this WiFi.

1.  This example is for a laptop but the directions are similar for a mobile device as well.

2.  Once you have selected USJ-Guest, you will see a yellow exclamation point for your WiFi

3. Open a web browser and you will see the screen below

4.  Select the length of time you need access.  You will then be taken to another screen to fill out your personal information.

5.  Be sure to select your correct Mobile Carrier.  If you carrier is not on the list, you will need to visit the Service Desk in McDonough Hall to manually register for Guest WiFi access.  Click Register.  You should receive your username and password via text message shortly.

6.  At the next page, click on the Click Here to Login link.

7.  Input the username and password provided to you in the text message.  Note that this login information can be used on as many of your devices as you need.

8.  Once you click Log In, you will be taken the the USJ homepage, and will now be able to access other sites on the Internet.



The USJ-WiFi network is for active USJ students, staff, and faculty only.  This service provides WiFi access to guests and will provide Internet access only (i.e. no printing, network share access, etc.)


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Tue 6/18/19 11:47 AM