Change Your Voice Mail Greeting


A guide to changing your voice mail greeting on your USJ phone line.



You have a need to change the voice mail greeting on your USJ phone line.


Any USJ Staff or Faculty with a USJ phone number.


Access your voice mail box.  You can either use the Messages button on your desk phone, or access your mailbox remotely by following the below guide:

I.)  You can use your personal phone to access your Voicemail Messages.

  1.            Call your extension from off campus.

  2.            When your outgoing message begins to play press the * key.

  3.            Enter your extension ([Extension]) as your ID.

  4.            Enter your voicemail PIN

After accessing your mailbox, change your greeting by:

  1. Pressing 4 for Setup Options
  2. Then press 1 for Greetings
  3. Press 1 to Re-Record your greeting
  4. Record your new greeting and listen to the playback.  Confirm the new greeting.


From time to time you may be required, or may wish to update your voice mail greeting.



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