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Once you have set up a Blackboard portfolio, you can add documents to it as evidence of your achievements. This article outlines the steps to add materials to your Blackboard portfolio.
The USJAlert system is the University of Saint Joseph system that sends text notices instantly and simultaneously to all registered users via your mobile/cell phones.
If you have created your Promotion and Tenure Portfolio in Blackboard, this article outlines the steps to submit it by sharing it to the Promotion and Tenure 2019-2020 Blackboard organization.
Blackboard’s Portfolio tool allows you to collect and organize work you have completed over time, as a means to demonstrate achievement.
Instructions for regaining access to your USJ account if you are locked out, or if your password is not working.
This article describes the process of printing using the UniFLOW secure printers located throughout USJ.
Instructions for sharing folders in Outlook for Mac so that other users may access them.
Breaks down data flow for One Drive sync process
CDC Recommendations to clean & sanitize office environments, including electronics.
Special notes for COVID disinfecting included.
List of locations to release print jobs.
In January we launched the self-service purchase feature that allowed users in a tenant to purchase Power platform products directly from Microsoft. This feature came with the ability for admins to turn off self-service purchase of individual products via Power Shell. Starting in July, we’re introducing new capabilities for IT Admins to manage information worker subscriptions in their tenant. In particular, IT Admins will be able to move information workers to another subscription or remove a su
Article contains a list of all user data files to backup in the event that a manual process is needed.
Each Blackboard course includes a Grade Center that allows instructors to track student progress throughout the course. The Grade Center is a flexible tool that allows you to calculate running grades, add weights, provide feedback, drop lowest grades and more.
Instructions for using the SPSS software in the VDI environment.
If you would like to save a copy of your Blackboard course for your own records, Blackboard offers instructors two options to back up a course: Export and Archive.
Lean how to use echo360