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January 25, 2021  Blackboard Login Issues

We are receiving reports that users that store their credentials in their browsers (not recommended) are having difficulty pulling the new SSO authentication token. Below you will find procedures that will help you pull the new token and authenticate into blackboard.

Login to (this will pull a fresh authentication token) Once you have done this you can open another tab on your browser and go to You should pass right in and get a fresh token which will work for you moving forward.

If this does not resolve the issue for your next Blackboard sign in, you may need to clear the cache on your browser.

How to clear your browser cache:

Clear the Browser Cache on Any Browser

This issue is caused by an old authentication token present in your browser, from a time when you chose to save your password.  We do not recommend saving your password for your USJ account in your browser as it can occasionally cause issues such as this.

More information can be found here
:  Resolution