USJ Remote Working and Equipment Usage

Dear Supervisors,

With the transition for many to work remotely, it’s important we keep University equipment safe while ensuring your staff have what they need to do their job.

As indicated in a previous email, most staff will be able to use a home device with Internet access to accomplish their remote work.  If a staff member was issued a laptop they will be able to take it home to use but that is the only equipment that may be taken off campus.

Computer displays, all in ones and docking stations, for example, should not be removed from campus.  If a staff person is approved to work remotely and would like a display other than the one for their home computer or laptop, below is an option for them to purchase one for home use.  In addition, many televisions can be used as displays using an HDMI connector. 

This information below is meant to be a recommendation based on availability, compliance with USJ hardware configuration and price. Since this is a personal purchase staff are free to select whatever item they prefer. They should ensure the display they choose has VGA and or HDMI connectors. They will also need to purchase a separate cable to attach from the display to the computer.

Display recommendation:

20” with built in speakers

Cable Recommendation:

VGA 6ft

HDMI 6ft

Port information for cable types and Laptop:

VGA cable: Male will be on the cable.  VGA port: Female will be on the Laptop & Monitor

HDMI cable: Male will be on the cable.  HDMI port: Female port will be on the Laptop & Monitor



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