Electronically Signing Documents with Adobe Acrobat


  1. Open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

                      Click the File menu > Open… then, select the PDF file you want to sign.

  1. Click on Fill & Sign in the Tools pane on the right.

                        If you’re not seeing the Tools pane, press SHIFT+F4 on your keyboard.

A toolbar will appear at the top of your document.

  1. Click Sign, and then select Add Signature.
  1. A popup will open, giving you three options—Type, Draw, and Image. Once you’re done, click the Apply button.

                   Type allows you to type your name in cursive format.

                    You’re free to change the style of the signature.

                    To use the "Image" method see the Knowledge Base article:  "Electronically Signing Documents using an Image"

Draw allows you to draw the signature using your mouse, touchpad, or a pen if you’re using a touchscreen device.

Image allows you to select an image file of your signature.

  1. Drag, resize and position the signature inside your PDF file.



Source: https://www.jotform.com/blog/how-to-add-a-signature-to-a-pdf/



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