How to split PDF files in Adobe DC

  • To begin, select the document that you want to split by using one of the three options under the “Files” section in the “Home” menu.  

    Selecting the “Document Cloud” option will allow you to work on documents saved in your Adobe Document Cloud
    while selecting “My Computer” will allow you to upload a PDF file from your computer.  

    You also may modify documents saved in third-party file storage programs, such as Box or Dropbox, by clicking on “Add an Account.” Once you’ve selected a document to split, click on “Organize PDF” in the right-hand tab.  
split PDF files in Adobe step 1
  • In the new window that appears, select the “Split” option from the “Organize Pages” toolbar.
split PDF files in Adobe step 2
  • Use the new toolbar that appears below the “Organize Pages” toolbar to specify how your document should be split. Using the “Number of pages” dropdown menu, your document can be split in three ways: by Number of pages, File Size, and Top level bookmarks. 

    The “Number of pages” option will split your document into files that contain up to a certain amount of pages. Enter the number of pages in the “Pages” text box (the number specified must be greater than 1). 

    The “File Size” option, meanwhile, will split your document into files that are up to a certain megabyte limit — this makes documents easier to share since some email services and software programs have file size limits.  

    The “Top level bookmarks” option splits a document based on the bookmarks that users place in their documents — as an example, this method makes it easier to divide a book into individual files based on chapters.
split PDF files in Adobe step 3
  • After setting your file preferences, click on the “Output Options” menu to specify where your document will be saved and how the split files should be named.
split PDF files in Adobe step 4
  • Confirm all of your preferences and start the document-splitting process by clicking the “Split” button in the toolbar.
split PDF files in Adobe step 5
  • A popup notification should appear and let you know how many files have been created.
split PDF files in Adobe step 6
  • Your newly split documents will be saved to the location you specified earlier in your preferences.
split PDF files in Adobe step 7


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