How to connect to a Bluetooth printer when off campus


How to connect to a personal Bluetooth printer when off campus from USJ Laptop


Staff & Faculty - Off Campus  (While this article is geared toward staff and faculty attempting to connect to bluetooth printers from their USJ laptops, it should generally be the same proceedure for any Windows computer connecting to any bluetooth printer.)


How to connect to a Bluetooth (wireless printer).

  Go your Start Button, click on it. 

  Then click on the Gear Symbol…



Then on this next screen, click on Devices….


Click on Bluetooth on the next screen...



Find your Bluetooth Device (Wireless Printer).  Make sure it is on and ready to pair…

Then Click on the Device to connect to it.  Once connected, you should be able to print documents to it.



Need to print documents from USJ Laptop when at home or off campus.


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