Grade Entry error on MyUSJ

Problem: A faculty encounters the below error message when trying to enter Final Grades.



According to Jenabar, this error occurs when a grade scale/credit type on a student_crs_hist row does not have a row in the grade_table for a grade where the show_on_web = ‘Y’.

--run this script

select grade_scale_cde, credit_type_cde, MIDTRM_GRASCALE_CD, MIDTRM_CREDIT_TYP, * from student_crs_hist

where yr_cde = '2021' and trm_cde = 'SP' and

-- Course with error

crs_cde = 'PUBH 202  01'


As you can see, the student (id 21603) has a Credit_type_cde = ‘AU’ while others have the Standard Credit Type (CR).  We’ll continue using these values in the scripts below.


--then run this

select SHOW_ON_WEB, * from GRADE_TABLE

where GRADE_SCALE_CDE = 'GS' and


Running the script above, you will see rows returned have a “show on web” value = ‘N’. To resolve this error, we can update the grade_table.grade_cde value to have a “Show on web” = ‘Y’.

An alternative solution is to add a Grade for that student in the Student Registration window. (Sharon B. confirmed this solution works after making the change in EX)

Before updating the Grade in Registration Window > The grade_cde is NULL (student_crs_hist table)

After Sharon adding grade in Registration > The grade_cde is now AU (student_crs_hist table)




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