Connecting to Wireless for Alumni or Guests


Alumni or Guest request to connect a wireless device to the USJ Wireless Network for internet access.


USJ Campus locations for Non-USJ users to connect to USJ-Events network.



 The following locations are available for non-USJ people as well as alumni to connect to USJ-Events (No password needed) and they can get internet access.

•             Library – For Library guests and Alumni

•             Bruyette – For performances and Museum Guests and receptions

•             Care – For IEP Meetings with outside parties

•             Gengras – For IEP meetings with outside parties

•             McGovern – For Sodexo staff and catered events

•             Mercy 1st Floor – For Crystal room events

•             O’Connell – For Sports Events



The USJ-Events network is for non-USJ users ( Alumni or Guests ) and does not require a login procedure nor validation.



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Wed 10/5/22 2:39 PM
Wed 10/5/22 2:39 PM