Install a network printer on USJ laptop or desktop


Need to install printer on a computer for printing.


All USJ owned laptop and desktop computers


Windows Computers - How to add USJ Printer:

  1. Log into the computer as the user needing connection to a printer
  2. Open File Explorer, yellow folder on task bar 
  3. Type \\USJPS in the address field 
  4. Locate the printer you need to install from the list of available printers.  Standard USJ naming includes the building, floor#, department or room#, and printer model#.  This information can also be found on a label typically located on the front of the printer.
  5. Double click on the printer you want to install on your computer.
  6. If you receive a message that Access is Denied, you do not have the correct permissions to use the printer from your USJ account.  Click here to request permission to use the printer from the Service Desk. 


MacBooks (Apple) – How to add USJ Printer:

  • Go to “Finder” menu at the top of the destop screen
  • Click on “Go” and then in dropdown select “Applications”
  • Click on “Self Service”
  • Look for “Uniflow Secure Print” printer
    • Choose Install or Re-Install



Due to the large volume of printers at USJ, device restrictions and cost of printing, all printers are not added to each user profile automatically.  Printers you wish to use must be added individually.

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