Secure printing using UniFLOW


Need to print documents securely staff or faculty, or print using the balance in your Pay-to-Print CASHNet for students.


All UniFLOW enabled copiers located throughout USJ.  For faculty and staff, this is for printing from your USJ owned device.  For students, you can print to this queue from any of the thin client computers located around the campuses.


Follow these instructions to print using the UniFLOW system Secure Print.

You can print files in any of several formats, including PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, JPG, TIFF, and TXT.

1. Log into your USJ owned PC, or one of the USJ thin client computers. Open your document to print.

2. Select USJ SecurePrint as the printer you want to use. Choose the number of copies.

3. The document will print to a queue and be held until you go to the printer to actually
print the document. You are not charged for the printing until you physically print the document on one of the printers.

4. At the printer, there are two ways to log into the printer to release your document from the queue, either swiping your USJ ID badge or manually entering your USJ ID and password.

A. To use your USJ ID badge (preferred): The first time you use your badge for printing you have to register it to your USJ network account. To do this, swipe your badge at the badge reader on the left side of the printer. At the printer screen you will be prompted to enter your USJ ID & PASSWORD. Enter the name portion of your USJ ID, including the “” portion. Once your badge has been registered, from then on you just need to swipe your badge.

B. To manually enter your USJ ID and Password: At the printer login screen, simply enter the name portion of your USJ ID, not the “” portion, along with your network password.

5.  After you logging into the printer you will see the Home Screen.From the Home Screen you can select:

          Copy - this function allows you to copy documents in the tray feeder or on the glass platen

          Send - this function allows you to scan & send documents in the tray feeder or on the glass platen. You can send to ANY email address or to yourself.

           Print. - this function opens the Secure Print Queue where you will be able to configure and release your print jobs.

6.  Select a document and then choose to Delete, Print+Delete, Print+Keep, Options, Refresh Jobs or Logout.

        The option screen, allows you to change from Simplex (one-sided) to Duplex (two-sided), color/BW, change the copy count and
         select a Page Range. You can also set different finishing options; hole punching, stapling or booklet making on select devcies. 

7. If you wish to print to a specific size paper, please select this in the application you are creating the print job with. (Word, Adobe, PowerPoint, etc.) BEFORE sending it to the SecurePrint queue.  You can't make this change at the printer because the application needs to render it properly before sending to the printer.


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