How to map a network drive in Mac OS


You have a need to connect to a network drive to access shared data contained within.


All USJ owned Mac computers while connected to either the wired or wireless networks on campus, or via Forticlient VPN.


NOTE:  You will need to be granted security access to the shared folder you wish to map.  If you receive a message that 'Access is Denied' or 'You do not have permission to access this resource,' you may request access via the service located here Shared Network Drive Access Request.

1. Open Finder from the lower left hand corner of the Dock.

2. With Finder open, click Command + K on your keyboard.

3. In the window that appears, type the name of your drive. (Note, slashes are reversed between Windows and Mac i.e. \\SJC.EDU\usj-dfs\ would be //

       Example  - smb://

4. Press Connect

5. At the notice “You are attempting to connect to the _______ server”, select Connect

6. If prompted, enter your USJ Credentials and select Connect

7. The drive will now appear in the left hand side of your Finder. You can remain connected as long as you need to.

8. If you need to disconnect for any reason, click on the eject icon displayed to the immediate right of the drive name in Finder.


Network shares do not map automatically within the USJ network environment, and must be created manually.


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