Testing Jenzabar EX 7.3.1 via VDI


Testing Jenzabar EX 7.3.1 is required before upgrading the production environment.


Jenzabar EX 7.3.1 (Test Environment)


Navigate your Firefox or Google Chrome browser to vdi.usj.edu
(Chrome is the recommended browser to use in the VDI environment.)

Click the VMWare Horizon HTML Access icon.


Enter your USJ email address and password and click Login.

Click the Jenzabar EX 7 icon.
If you do not have the Jenzabar icon, please send an email indicating that to AdministrativeComputing@usj.edu.


Once you see the Jenzabar login screen, ensure that the USER is your Jenzabar User Account, then enter your Jenzabar User Account Password.  If you do not see a Database, click the drop down, and select the DEV database.

NOTE:  When testing, you will get notifications (little red and green faces indicating) that you are NOT in a production database.

You should also see this in the lower right corner, indicating that you are connected to the DEV database.


Once the application launches, you can “hide” or slide the VM Horizon menu window by clicking the “folder tab”.

Note:  Sometimes response times in the VDI environment can be a little delayed/slow.
Please be patient.

Please remember to logout of the Jenzabar application when you are done (By clicking the “door” icon in Jenzabar.)


Once you have exited Jenzabar, please remember to log out of the VM Horizon session.
To do so, click the Menu icon (you may have to click the folder tab again to bring the options back out):

And then choose “Log out.”



Pending upgrade of Jenzabar EX to version 7.3.1


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