Configuring Firefox Sync

Setting up Firefox Sync

  • Open Firefox
  • Click on the icon in the upper-right hand corner of the window with three horizontal lines (the hamburger icon) to access the menu
  • Click on Sign in to Sync

  •  In the center of the new window that opens, click on Don’t have and account? Get started

  • Complete the registration form on the next page using your address, and any password you choose
    • Note:you will need to remember this username and password to restore your settings on a new computer
  • Click on Create Account when complete

  • On the next page, leave all the options checked and click on Save selections

  • When complete, you will receive notification that you need to confirm your account

  • Check in your Outlook for a verification email from Firefox Accounts.
    • The email may take a couple of minutes to arrive, or may get trapped in your Junk E-Mail Folder

  • Click on the Verify email link in the center of the email
  • This will open a new tab in your Firefox browser, with an option to connect your mobile device.This step is not necessary, unless you want Firefox installed on your mobile phone and syncing with the application on your work computer.



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