Some Websites With Redirects Are Unreachable


Some websites that include redirects are unreachable while other sites work fine.  At the same time, the failing sites are reachable by other people, or by the same person from another machine.


Computers running Avast Internet Security software.


  1. Open the Avast Control Panel by clicking on it's icon in the system tray, or via the Start menu.
  2. In the Avast Control Panel, choose Protection from the tabs at the left.
  3. In the middle window, click on Real Site.
  4. Click the On slider to change it to off.
  5. Choose a time block to disable, or choose indefinitely.

NOTE:  You will only need to disable the Real Site protection for the time needed to pass through the redirected page.  You may wish to leave this setting on extra protection on your computer.


Avast's Real Site settings work to protect you from being redirected to a different website from the one you have clicked a link for, which is how some scams trick you into surrendering your login information.  In the case of the USJ Library's links to Research Databases, your browser gets redirected to our ADFS site for you to enter your credentials to confirm that you are an authorized user of the databases.  Avast is interpreting this action as an attempt to fool you, but this is by design.

This setting may keep you from accessing other sites as well, and USJ Library's Research Database are only one common example.


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