Moving Files Into OneDrive


Need to move files from a local hard drive or network drive into OneDrive for easy access anywhere.


For local files, any computer can copy or move files into OneDrive.  For files on a USJ network share, a USJ issued computer must be used while connected to the network on campus.  Non-USJ computers cannot access network shares, and VPN connections are too slow to transfer even a small number of files.

NOTE:  Be cautious copying large amounts of data to OneDrive if you are running the OneDrive client on your computer.  The client will synchronize all data from OneDrive back to your local computer and could fill your hard drive.


  1. To copy files to your OneDrive, log into and open the OneDrive app from your dashboard
  2. Next, Open File Explorer on your computer, and open the location containing the files you want to copy into OneDrive
  3. Simply drag files or folders from the File Explorer window into the open OneDrive window
  4. Wait for the files to be uploaded (a status area will show in the upper right corner of the OneDrive window.

Here is a video demonstration:



Moving files into OneDrive provides data backup, ease of use and sharing, and the ability to access those files from anywhere with an Internet connection, and across many different platforms.

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