Conference Call from a USJ Phone


A need to initiate a conference call with up to two other parties.


Cisco branded desk phones on USJ campus.


Most USJ Cisco Phones are capable of conferencing multiple numbers into a single call. To see whether your phone has this capability, locate the conference button.
(Current licensing and hardware restricts to 3 lines per call)   Depending on the phone model, there may be a dedicated button with a conference icon . This typically looks like a group of three people.    If there is no such button, navigate into the options menu (sometimes appearing as “More”, “>” or “…”) until an option labeled “Conf” appears

  1. From your USJ phone, dial the first number*      
  2. When the line picks up, instruct your contact that you’ll be dialing in another number and that they’ll be on hold just a moment.
  3. Navigate to and press Conf
  4. Dial Second number*
  5. Wait for your second contact to pick up
  6. Greet the second contact and instruct them they will be on hold just a moment while you conference in the other line.
  7. Navigate and press the Conf button once more
  8. The conference should now be established. Confirm that all callers are present on the line and can successfully hear you.

* if dialing campus numbers, the extension alone should be sufficient. When dialing outside numbers press 9 1 then the full number, area codes included.


General how-to.

NOTE:  Current licensing and hardware limit conference calling to three parties total (two plus your line.)  Conferencing with more users will require the use of an alternate technology such as Teams or BB Collaborate.

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