Daily Health Check for Students


The health and safety of our entire community depend on each of us doing our best to prevent the spread of any illness by staying home when we’re sick; this is more true than ever with COVID-19, a highly transmissible virus. Since USJ reopened in July, all faculty and staff have been required to complete an online health assessment and daily contact tracing form while on campus.
As the fall semester begins, we have created a required health check process that students will complete when on a USJ campus (West Hartford or Hartford) every 24 hours to enable USJ Wi-Fi.

Who has to complete the form to enable access to USJ Wi-Fi?
All students on any USJ campus: undergraduate commuters and residential students, graduate students including doctoral candidates, and part-time students (matriculated or non-matriculated).

What will students have to do once on a USJ campus?

Students will tap the USJ Wi-Fi icon and be taken to an online health check form that asks if you are experiencing any of the symptoms of COVID-19 (listed on the form) or have traveled to one of the hot spot states on Connecticut’s Travel Advisory List .
Once you answer the question and tap on submit, you will have access to USJ Wi-Fi for 24 hours.

What will USJ do with the information received from students?
Student Health Services will receive the information and follow-up 1:1 with any student that has COVID-19 symptoms. Students with COVID-19 symptoms should leave campus and take classes remotely.

What if a student is on campus and doesn’t complete the required health check process?
Any student who doesn’t complete the daily health check process while on campus is in violation of University policy and will be subject to disciplinary action.

When will students have to complete this form?
The form must be completed every 24 hours, or each time a student comes on a USJ campus. If a student completes the form on a USJ campus and returns to campus within 24 hours they will not need to submit it again.

Where will students find the form?
Students will be automatically connected to the online form when they tap the USJ Wi-Fi icon.

Why did USJ start this required daily health check process?
It’s important that everyone in the community work together to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. This health check, in addition to wearing masks, washing and sanitizing hands, and physically distancing are all part of how we will take care of ourselves and each other while together on campus.

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