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Computer Recommendations

The University of Saint Joseph offers several on-campus computers available for student use as well as best-effort support for personal devices brought on-campus.

EdTPA Video Assistance

Helpful tips for editing and resizing videos for EdTPA submissions.

EverFI Student Training

This article covers questions regarding EverFI and the training

Getting WiFi access on Smart TVs and gaming platforms

How to request wifi access for Smart TVs, gaming consoles, and other streaming devices.

How to access the Parent Portal

Information that is available to parents regarding their students.

Logon to EzProxy Library Research Databases

How to properly access the USJ EzProxy Library Research Databases

Pay-to-Print Account

How to add value to Pay-to-Print to use USJ Print Stations.

Technology Essentials

Overview of Technology services provided to USJ Students

USJ Bookstore Information

Information for students on how to access the USJ Book Store

XBox devices fail to connect to wifi USJ-Dorms

Workaround for XBox and other devices that fail to connect to the USJ-Dorms hidden wifi network.