XBox devices fail to connect to wifi USJ-Dorms


Some devices (primarily Xbox units) are experiencing issues connecting to hidden networks, such as our USJ-Dorms wifi network.  After manually entering the SSID, the system tries to connect but fails after a minute with an error ‘Can’t connect to network.’


Certain devices including Xboxes trying to connect to hidden wifi networks (such as USJ-Dorms)


While no acknowledgement or solution has been provided by Microsoft, we have identified a workaround that has enabled connection for these units.

  1. Follow the instructions to create an account and password in ClearPass that are outlined in
  2. When attempting to manually join the hidden network, enter the SSID USJ-Dorms (exact capitalization.)Note that you are not prompted for a password at this step
  3. While the system is trying to connect (seeing the spinning the circle,) press the Xbox button on your controller to bring up the system menu
  4. Again navigate the Network Settings and attempt to join a wifi nework
  5. You should now see USJ-Dorms in the list of available networks, select it and you should now be prompted for a password.Enter the password generated from ClearPass for your device
  6. Your device should now connect.You may have to repeat this process 1-2 times to successfully connect.


Many reports of Xbox devices having issues connecting to hidden wifi networks not just at USJ, but anywhere.  There has been no official announcement of this issue from Microsoft, but we are providing this workaround in an effort to assist connections with these devices.


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Thu 9/22/22 1:44 PM
Sat 9/24/22 3:12 PM