Getting WiFi access on Smart TVs and gaming platforms


Unable to join a device such as a Smart TV or gaming console to the USJ-WiFi network.


Devices that do not support 802.1x.  Examples of these include:

  • Xbox
  • Playstation
  • Smart TV
  • Roku
  • FireTV
  • Chromecast


USJ has implemented a new Self Registration system that you will use to connect your devices to the wifi on campus.  This network is only available to students living on campus, and is only available in the dorms.  This is only for devices similar to the ones listed above that do not support 802.1x networks (where you are only able to enter a password, and have no place to enter a user name.)  Other devices (i.e. laptops, phones, tablets, etc. should join the regular USJ-WIFI network, as they will be able to work anywhere on campus where wifi is available.)

To join a gaming/entertainment device to the wifi, follow these directions:

1.  Open a web browser and navigate to  (or if the first link will not come up)

NOTE: The phone/laptop you use to access this link must be on USJ-WiFi to access this internal USJ site

2.  Enter your USJ username (only first part email address, NOT the and password.  (remember, only students living on campus will be able to log in)


3.  Be sure you are selected on the Devices section in the left pane of the screen.  Click on the “Create new device” link.

4.  Fill in the MAC address field and give your device a name.  For example, username-SmartTV or username-Wii.

NOTE:  You can find your MAC address on your device.  Sometimes it may be on a physical tag on the rear or bottom of the device, but most often it can be found within the Settings or Options menu from the devices on screen menus.  It will always be in the format xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx  If you have trouble locating it, checking the manufacturers instructions or searcing on Google will help you locate it.

5.  Click the Create button.

6.  A receipt will be created and displayed for you.  The password displayed in this box will work only for this specific device.  MAKE NOTE OF THIS PASSWORD!  You will not be able to view it again, or change it.  If you lose this password, you will need to re-register the device following the above process.

7.  On the device you just registered, connect to a hidden (or manual) network.  The SSID (network name) is

USJ-Dorms          (NOTE: SSID is case sensitive)

8.  If prompted, the set the security type to WPA2-Personal or WPA2-PSK.

9.  The password you will use is the one from Step 6 that you created above.

10.  Once connected, test your wifi connection by connecting to the Internet via your favorite streaming service or gaming platform.


Many Smart TVs and gaming consoles do not support the 802.1x security standard that is used on our network.

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