Connecting to the USJ-WiFi


Need to connect a wireless device to the USJ-WiFi network


All wireless devices for users with an active USJ network account (Sutdents, Staff, Faculty, Alumni)

Note: Users without a current USJ account (visitors) will not be able to connect to our wireless.


From your wireless device, ensure that wireless is enabled, then browse the list of available networks.

  1. Choose USJ-WiFi
  2. When prompted for credentials, enter your full USJ email address (ex.
  3. If prompted to trust the connection, choose Trust.

For Android Mobile Phones click on How to connect Android Mobile phones to USJ-WIFI

Note:  When you change your account password, you will need to Forget this network on all devices, then rejoin with your new password, or your device may lock your account.


The USJ-Wifi network is for users with an active USJ account only, and requires a login procedure and validation.

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