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If you have created your Promotion and Tenure Portfolio in Blackboard, this article outlines the steps to submit it by sharing it to the Promotion and Tenure 2019-2020 Blackboard organization.
Blackboard’s Portfolio tool allows you to collect and organize work you have completed over time, as a means to demonstrate achievement.
Once you have set up a Blackboard portfolio, you can add documents to it as evidence of your achievements. This article outlines the steps to add materials to your Blackboard portfolio.
After you have developed a Blackboard course, it is possible to reuse the content from term to term by copying it into a
new section of your course. The Course Copy function allows you to copy your content forward to a new section
without carrying over enrollments and student work.
In preparation for an upcoming upgrade to Blackboard, there is a hold on requests for new Blackboard organizations at this time.
All students or instructors who are officially assigned to a course in Jenzabar will be enrolled in the Blackboard course automatically. However, from time to time it may be necessary to add a user in your Blackboard course.
All students or instructors who are officially assigned to a course in Jenzabar will be enrolled in the Blackboard course automatically. However, from time to time it may be necessary to remove a user in your Blackboard course.
Deleting unused Blackboard Collaborate recordings will help reduce our overall storage quota. This guide outlines the steps for faculty to delete Blackboard Collaborate recordings that are no longer needed.
It is possible to send emails from within the Blackboard system. Messages are delivered to the student’s USJ email address, and you will receive a copy for your records. If the student replies to the email, the reply will go to your USJ email address.
The Course Calendar can help students stay on task throughout the term. Instructors add entries, which are visible to students in the course. If you use due dates in your Blackboard assignments and discussions, these will be added to the calendar automatically. You can also add entries for field trips, office hours or more.
Blackboard’s Alerts and Notifications let students and instructors know whenever there is activity in a course. You can receive email notifications when something new is posted in a course, when a student has submitted an assignment or similar. Students can receive notifications when you post items in the course or when something is due or overdue.
Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is a web conferencing tool built right into your Blackboard course. Faculty can use it to host virtual class meetings, office hours, study sessions and more.
If you have been a student or faculty member at USJ for a while, you are likely to see a long list of courses on your Blackboard homepage. While you can’t delete them, you can hide them or rearrange the list so you have only what you need. You may want to do this once a semester to show only the current semester’s courses.
Blackboard has a feature that allows instructors to “preview” their course from a student perspective. This is a useful tool to ensure that your course functions as expected, as well as support students who contact you with course issues.
Blackboard Collaborate is a real-time video conferencing tool that lets you add files, share applications, and use a virtual whiteboard. In January 2018, USJ upgraded its Blackboard Collaborate environment to the newest version, called Blackboard Collaborate Ultra. Unlike the previous version, Collaborate Ultra is browser-based, and therefore does not require any separate downloads or applications to use. This guide will cover the basics to schedule and hold a meeting on Collaborate.