Enabling Menu Items in Your Blackboard Course (Faculty)


Would you like to limit the availability of certain sections to students while you build your Blackboard course page? If so, follow the steps below. 


Blackboard (Faculty)


  1. Login to Blackboard and open your course.
  2. In your course menu, you may notice an icon next to the button name. A white box with a slash through it means that the item is hidden from students.
  3. Once you have added content to a menu item, you will need to make the button available to students. To do this, hover over the name of a menu item (e.g., Help & Resources) and click on the drop-down menu button that appears. Select Show Link. *See Image Below
  4. Repeat this process for each item you would like to make available to students.

Drop down menu with arrow pointing to Show Link button


As you build your Blackboard course, you have the option to limit the availability of certain sections to students. This allows you to load content into your course before allowing students to access it. As an instructor, you have access to all items posted in your course. You may need to make the menu and content items available to students to allow them to access your content. Please note that content areas that do not contain any content in them will be invisible to students by default. The sections will become available to students as soon as you add content.


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