Managing Your Course View (Faculty, Students)


If you have been a student or faculty member at USJ for a while, you are likely to see a long list of courses on your Blackboard homepage. While you can’t delete them, you can hide them or rearrange the list so you have only what you need. You may want to do this once a semester to show only the current semester’s courses.

Listed below are the steps to manage your list of courses in Blackboard. You can do the same with your list of organizations. 




1. Log into Blackboard and locate the My Courses module on your Blackboard homepage.

2. Hover over the top of the bar (where it says My Courses) to reveal a gear icon in the upper right corner of the module.

List of courses with arrow pointing to upper right corner to reveal a gear icon

3. In the Edit Course List window, you will have several options to rearrange the courses in your list.

  • To the left of the course names, you will see a column of checkboxes labeled Select All/Unselect All. This shows or hides information about your course. To hide courses on your list, click on the checkbox next to the course name twice.
  • To rearrange the order of the courses, click to the far left of the row (to the left of the checkboxes) and drag the courses up or down on the list.

Screenshot displaying list of courses with numerous check boxes

4. Once you have arranged the courses as you like, click Submit to save your settings.


Although courses cannot be deleted, they can be hidden so that the list of courses you see on your Blackboard homepage are the ones in which you are currently enrolled.


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