Removing Users from a Blackboard Course Shell (Faculty)


Follow the steps below to remove users from a Blackboard course shell. 


Blackboard (Faculty)


1. Enter your Blackboard course and scroll down to the Control Panel.

2. Click on the Users and Groups button, then select Users.

3. If no names appear in the list, go to the Search bar and change the second drop-down menu option to Not blank, then click Go.  This will show the names of all the users in the course.

4. To remove students from the course, check the selection box next to each student you wish to remove, then select Remove Users from Course.

5. A dialogue box will appear to confirm that you want to remove users.  Click OK.

6. To remove instructors or other non-students from a course, you first need to change the user’s role to “Student.” To do this, hover over the person’s username and click on the drop-down menu button that appears. Select Change User’s Role in Course. Change the user’s role to “Student,” then click Submit.  Then, you can follow the steps above to remove the user from the course.

Important: Removing a student will delete all of his or her records, including submitted work, from the course.  This cannot be undone.


These steps can be used to remove users such as tutors, guest speakers, or observing colleagues. 


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