Adding Content to your Blackboard Promotion Portfolio (Faculty)


Once you have set up a Promotion and Tenure or Non-Tenure Track Promotion Portfolio in Blackboard, you are ready to start adding materials to your portfolio.  Follow the steps below to collect and share materials to your Blackboard portfolio.




Before you begin uploading materials to your Blackboard portfolio, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  1. Ensure that all files are clearly labeled and easy to identify.  It should be easy for the committee to understand what the file contains.
  2. Ensure that all files are in standard formats.  Microsoft Office (.docx, .pptx, .xlsx) or PDF are most easily read by all members of the committee.
  3. If you are sharing links, ensure that they work correctly.
  4. If you have paper copies of documents, the TLC has a scanner that you can use to make digital versions.

To upload content to your portfolio, open your portfolio to edit it, then click on the section where you would like to add the content.  Click on Click here to add content.

Blackboard portfolio opened in editing mode with "click here to add content" highlighted at the bottom.


In the text box that opens, you can do several things:

  • Write text directly into the textbox.  Most likely you will write a brief introduction to the content you are presenting in this section and include some links to files that support this section.
  • To add a file, press the paperclip icon.  This will allow you to upload the file and provide a name for the link.
  • To add images, press the image icon.  This will allow you to upload images and manipulate the size and placement of the image.  Tip:  Many people suggest including an official picture of yourself on the front page so that the committee can put a name with a face!
  • To add a hyperlink, highlight some text and click on the link icon.  This will allow you to enter a link for this text.

Blackboard portfolio in edit mode with buttons for adding content highlighted

When you are done adding content to a section, don't forget to click on the Save button!Preview and Customize button for Blackboard portfolios

To customize the look and feel of your portfolio, click on Preview and Customize in the upper right corner of the page.  Click on Customize Style to preview the different styles you can use for your portfolio.

Once you have finished adding artifacts to your portfolio, you can submit a copy of the portfolio.  You can practice submitting it to yourself, a colleague, your chair or your dean so you can get feedback on the content and see what it looks like on the recipient’s side.  Consult the corresponding article on submitting your portfolio for details on the submission process.  


When building your Promotion Portfolio in Blackboard, you will need to add a number of documents to support your application.  It is important to ensure that your content is clearly labeled and easy to access for the committee.  For assistance with building your portfolio, contact the TLC.


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