Blackboard Student Preview Mode (Faculty)


Blackboard has a feature that allows instructors to “preview” their course from a student perspective. This is a useful tool to ensure that your course functions as expected, as well as support students who contact you with course issues. Within the Student Preview mode, instructors have the ability to submit assignments, post to a discussion forum, take tests, view grades and more. This article outlines the steps for launching Student Preview, as well as the options available when using Student Preview.


Blackboard (Faculty)


1. Log into Blackboard and enter the course you would like to preview as a student.

2. In the upper right corner of any page in your course, click on the icon that looks like two arrows in the shape of an eye.

Tool bar displaying edit mode set to On

3. A yellow bar that says Entering Student Preview will appear at the top of the screen. While Student Preview is preparing to open, the main course screen will be greyed out with diagonal stripes.

Yellow banner displaying "Entering Student Preview Mode"

4. When Student Preview mode opens, the yellow bar will switch to read Student Preview Mode is ON. You can now access all areas of the course from a student perspective.

Yellow banner displaying "Student Preview Mode is ON"

5. When you are finished working in Student Preview mode, click on the Exit Preview button on the right side of the yellow bar. You will be presented with two options: Delete the preview user and all data and Keep the preview user and all data. Generally, you will choose Delete. However, if you used Student Preview to submit work and now want to see it from the Grade Center, choose Keep.

Gray box displaying exit student preview options

You can also make the choice to keep or delete the preview user by clicking on the Settings button at the top of the screen while in Student Preview.

If you choose to keep the preview user and all data, it will appear in the Grade Center and discussions along with the regular class work. The preview student will have your name with _PreviewUser appended to the last name, and will have a username with _previewuser appended to your regular username.

Image displaying last name, first name, and username of user


Student Preview Mode is a temporary mode that allows instructors to view their Blackboard course screen from the viewpoint of their student. 


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