Adding Content to Blackboard: Syllabus or Other (Faculty)


Follow the steps below to upload your syllabus, course reading, PDF, PowerPoint or other file to your Blackboard course page.


Blackboard (Faculty)


1. Enter a course and click on any content area, such as Learning Materials, from the Course Menu.

2. Hover over Build Content and select Item from the drop‚Äźdown menu.

Drop down menu under Build Content with arrow pointing to Item.

3. Under Content Information, enter a name and brief description of the file. If you want to simply provide some brief information (such as a list of course objectives) and not attach any files, just enter your text in the box and click Submit. Otherwise, proceed to step 4.

4. Under Attachments, click Browse My Computer to locate your file, or drag and drop your file into the dotted-line area on the screen. Note: You can attach multiple files here.

5. Select whether you want to make the content available to users, and choose the dates when you want to display the content. If you leave these options as they are and do not add any dates, the item will be available immediately and will stay open for the duration of the course.

Screenshot displaying Standard Options for making content available to users.

6. Click Submit to save your settings and post your content.


You can post nearly any type of file in Blackboard, such as a syllabus, course reading, PDF or PowerPoint. Note: students must have the applicable software installed on their computers to view the file.

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