USJ Guest accounts

USJ Guest accounts can be temporarily assigned to outside users upon request from a USJ Staff/Faculty member and are not typically assigned for more than 2 weeks at a time. 

USJ Students cannot request these accounts unless they have approval via email from a USJ Staff/Faculty member. 

There is no MFA requirement for these accounts as they are local accounts to provide access to local USJ machines and USJ-WiFi. 

These accounts cannot be issued without a ticket from a USJ employee.


To assign a Guest account:

  1. Determine the USJ employee who will be responsible (if not the ticket requestor)
  2. Choose an unused Guest account from AD
    • OU - SJC.EDU/USJ Users/USJ Service Accounts/Event Visitor Accounts
    • Check the description on the Guest account to ensure it is not in use.
  3. Enable the account.
  4. Update the account description to include the TDX ticket #, User from Step 2, and date range the account will be needed.
  5. Set the account expiration (on the Account tab) to the appropriate date.
  6. Reset the account password.
  7. Test connection to USJ-WiFi (if requested) & USJ machine login.
  8. Provide the USJ user with the credentials.


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