Microsoft Teams Infinite sign in loop - Quick fixes

Here is a combination of fixes to attempt to fix the issue:

Uninstall/reinstall - ensuring to install from web app for newest version 

1. Click on the windows icon  and click on this icon

2. Open apps (Or System/Apps & Features)

3. In the search bar shown as below, type in “Microsoft Teams”

4. Click on the app and click on “Uninstall”

5. Open your internet browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer)

6. Copy and Paste this link into the browser:

7. In the website, look towards the top-right end of the screen click on sign in 

8. Sign in with your USJ Credentials (USJ email and Password)

9. At the top-right corner of the screen, there’s a circle with your initials. Click on that

10. Click on “Download the Desktop app” option at the bottom of the menu


After starting the download, there will be a pop-up downloading at the bottom-left of the screen. When it looks like this click on it:

It may ask to make changes and if so, click "yes"

This will guarantee that you’ve gotten the latest version of teams and now try signing in. If this did not solve your issue, try using another solution on this article.


Deleting Teams cache folder

1. Sign out of Microsoft Teams and Outlook 

To sign out of teams, go to your initials  and click on it

This will bring up a menu and at the very bottom of it, there is an option to sign out

You will have to quit the app as well which is done by looking at the toolbar below, finding teams, right-click and “quit” the app.

To sign out of Outlook, open the app and click on “File”

There will be an option to “exit” at the bottom of the menu which will also sign you out

2. Next to the Windows Icon  use the search bar and type in “run” and open the app

3. In the app, Copy and Paste this into the search and enter: %appdata%\Microsoft 

4. From here, look for a folder with the name “Teams” and delete it.

After doing this restart your pc and try logging back into teams. If this does not work, please try some of the other fixes in the article.


Using O365 to sign out all connections


1. Open your web browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer)

2. Copy and Paste this into the search –

3. Sign in with your USJ Credentials (USJ Email and Password) 

Now two things can happen from here:

  1. It asks for a little more information from you

-This is Office trying to set up 2-factor authentication which will make your account a bit more secure by setting up an extra form of sign in. It has options like security questions or a code send by text. You only have to pick ONE and after setting it up it should open to the main menu

       B. Stay signed-in

-Office is asking if you would like to stay signed into your account should you close the website. Always click “No”. While this seems convenient it will cause more issues with signing in especially if you have more than one O365 account. This can confuse the Office and even though you’ve put in the right credentials, it will just sign you back into the last account you were in. To prevent this, just click “No” when this prompt shows.

After these, you should be at the screen that says “Good Morning/Good Afternoon”

4. Look for your initials in a circle or picture at the top-right of the screen, click on it and then click on “View Account”

5. In the tab with your profile name, scroll down and click on the “Sign out of everywhere” option


If the computer asks to make changes to the computer, click on “yes”

After completing this, restart your pc and try logging back into Teams. If this does not work, try using one of the other fixes in the article


Log out of Word and OneDrive



*You need to be currently working on a document

1. Click on “File” at the top left of the screen and click on “Account” in the menu