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Quick reference sheet for the most common Polycomm Studio operations
File sharing and access control experience in Teams that is similar to their experience with other Microsoft 365 apps.
Resource-specific consent (RSC) for Microsoft Teams makes it possible for team owners to consent to apps accessing their team data without explicit admin approval. Admins may choose which team owners can consent.
This page serves as a hub for new and upcoming changes to Microsoft Office365 that may have an impact on how applications look or function. Older articles will be archived and linked from this page.
To understand meetings in Teams
User gets stuck at Sign-in and is met with an infinite sign-in loop
Checklist to follow to ensure a good quality Microsoft Teams Meeting.
How to access Office 365 from a web browser, from any computer with an Internet Connection. Includes information for installing a local copy of the Office365 Apps.
In preparation for an upcoming upgrade to Blackboard, there is a hold on requests for new Blackboard organizations at this time.
How to share a Teams Recording video that you created.
Our new pre-join experience makes it easier for users to select audio and video sources before joining a Teams meeting.
Whiteboard integration in Microsoft Teams meetings is powered by Whiteboard for the web, which lets participants of Teams meetings collaborate together on a shared digital canvas.
When your mic is turned on in a Teams meeting or call, background noise around you—shuffling papers, slamming doors, barking dogs, and so on—can distract others. Teams offers three levels of noise suppression to help keep meeting participants focused.
With this change, Yammer users can be notified in Teams when announcements are made in communities that they are a member of and when the user is @ mentioned in a conversation.
Changing the app name in Teams from “Planner” to “Tasks by Planner and To Do” is scheduled to go live within the next few days to all non-Government tenants. The change is intended to better reflect the app combing the To Do and Planner experiences.