Moving Files Into Teams


You can move files into the collaborative work environment of Microsoft Teams.  This allows you and others access to these files, as well as letting you all have access to work on these files without the need to be on campus, or connected to the VPN.  This can be a good solution for files that live on departmental (ex, I:\) drives. 

NOTE: Copying large numbers of files at once may take a very long time.


Any USJ Student, Faculty, or Staff on any computer (USJ or Personal.)  Accessed via O365 ( or through a locally installed Teams app.


  1. To copy files to an existing team, log into and open the Teams app from your dashboard
  2. Within Teams, open an existing Team and click on the Files tab to the top of the window
  3. Next, Open File Explorer on your computer, and open the location containing the files you want to copy into Teams
    1. NOTE:  You need to be on campus to copy files from departmental drives into Teams
  4. Simply drag files or folders from the File Explorer window into the open window
  5. Wait for the files to be uploaded (a status area will show in the upper right corner of the Teams window

Here are a couple of video demonstrations:


Files in Teams are easily accessible across platforms and geographical separation to allow access and collaboration without needing to be on campus or connected to VPN.

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