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As part of the certification process, edTPA requires video recording of student interactions.  Videos should adhere to the guidelines laid out for the ePortfolio system that can be found at https://www.edtpa.com/Content/Docs/RecommendedVideoFormatsandSettings.pdf


Students seeking Masters of Education and teaching certification.


Basic Outline


Record your student interaction.  Typically the easiest way is to record the session with the camera on a phone or tablet.

Edit on Phone (if possible)

Each certification requires that the recording be no longer than a specified amount of time (often ten minutes, but exact times vary by program.)  With that in mind, one of the tasks you have is to reduce the file to under the time limit stated.  If you are using a device such as an iPhone, editing can be made directly on the phone to trim the duration directly on the phone.  Directions can be found at https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT207587.  Similar ability may be available on Android devices.  If you are unable to edit the clip on the phone, you will have to transfer the file to a computer and edit it there.

Transfer to a Computer

To transfer your video files to a computer, the simplest method is usually via a cable.  Once you have connected the phone, transfer the files according to the manufacturer’s directions for you device.

Note:  iPhones may receive an error when trying to transfer files from them.  If you do:

  • On the phone, go to Settings
  • Scroll down and select Photos (in the 6th or 7th section)
  • At the bottom of the Photos settings, find the section Transfer To Mac or PC
  • Change this setting to Keep Originals

Edit Video (if needed)

If your video is too long, too large, in a non-approved format, or needs to be rotated or cropped, you will need to edit the video using a video editing software.  There are many options available, ranging from free to many thousands of dollars.  Video editing is far more complicated than editing a still photo, and professionals study for years to achieve proficiency.  But basic editing tasks can be mastered by anyone using free software in very little time.

Available Software

  1. Mac
    • New Mac computers come preloaded with iMovie.  This powerful and flexible has everything you need.
  2. Windows
    • Several free video editors are available for Windows, including, but not limited to:
      • OpenShot
      • Avedimux
  3. In USJ Computer Lab

File Size

Once your file is within the time limit allotted by your program, the last thing to check is the file size.  The Pearson EdTPA system will not accept files larger than 500MB.  Find your edited file, and right click on it then select Properties from the menu that opens.  If the Size property is larger than 500MB, you will need to go back to the video editing software and compress the file in a lower resolution to reduce it’s size.

Instructions for doing this in VLC can be found here:  https://videoconverter.wondershare.com/compress/make-vlc-resize-video.html

If you are using a different editing software, a Google search for “compressing files” along with the name of your software should yield similar results.

Uploading Your File

You now have the completed file for your submission!  First, save the file to your USJ OneDrive!  This will ensure you have the final edit of your video should anything happen during the upload.  Also, note that VDI thin clients in USJ computer labs do not save any data when you log off.  Instructions for logging into and using OneDrive can be found here:  https://usj.teamdynamix.com/TDClient/1899/Portal/KB/ArticleDet?ID=101783

Finally:  Log into the Pearson EdTPA site and load the file into your submission packet.  Loading the file does not complete your submission, only add the file for when you are ready to finalize your packet.  Note:  large files can take a very long time to upload.  From a few minutes to over an hour.  The time depends on the speed of your Internet connection, the server load at Pearson, and all points in between.


The EdTPA site has strict requirement for file submission that may necessitate video editing and transfer, which many people are unfamiliar with.

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