How to build a new Outlook 2019 email profile in Windows 10



  1. Reboot your device, do not open any Office applications.
  2. Click the Search box or magnifying glass in your taskbar
  3. Type:outlook.exe /safe (there is a space after exe)
  4. When the Outlook box pops up click the Options button to expand the menu.
  5. Click “New”
  6. Enter a name.Any name will do, include the year to make it easier to identify in the future.
  7. Click OK
  8. In the next screen, enter your email address and click Connect.
  9. If prompted to choose account type select Office 365
  10. If prompted to enter credentials be sure to check the box to “Remember Credentials” before clicking OK
  11. When your profile is finished building you will see a screen notifying: Account Setup is complete.
    • You can check the box if you wish to set up your account on a mobile device or uncheck it if you do not.
  12. Click OK
  13. The first Outlook box will pop up again
    • Check “Set as Default profile
    • Click OK
  14. When Outlook launches you will need to set your signatures.
    • Click File
    • Click Options
    • Select Mail from the pane on the left
    • Click the Signatures button on the right of the window
    • If you had existing signatures saved previously, they should have synced to Office 365 and will populate.
      • Drop down the New Messages and Replies boxes (top right) and select the signature entry that matches the one you wish to use.
    • Click OK to save the changes in both windows.
  15. Click File and Exit to force sync the updates to Office 365
  16. Re-open Outlook, all of your personalized settings will sync (theme, fonts, layout, etc.) from Office 365
  17. It may take a while for your ailbox to fully sync, keep an eye on the lower right corner for status
    1. Online with MS Exchange means the sync is complete
    2. Synchronizin with MS Exchange means your mailbox is still building and some items may not be available for a few minutes
  18. Done!


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