Opening Office Files in Edge Results In A 404 Error


Attempting to open any Office document (.docx, .pptx, .xlsx, etc.) that is loaded into a Blackboard course results in a 404 error message that the document cannot be found.


Blackboard using newer versions of Microsoft Edge.


Turn off the new feature Open Office files in the browser by following the instructions below:

  1. In Microsoft Edge, click on the Menu button in the upper-right (three dots)
  2. Select Downloads from the column of choices on the left
  3. Set Open Office files in the browser to off by sliding the button


Microsoft has introduced a new feature to Edge which allows Office files to be opened within the browser window by transferring them to in the background.  However, because of the way files are stored on Blackboard, the files are not being properly transferred and result in a 404 Not Found error.  Turning this feature off will return Edge to the traditional way of prompting you to download or open the file until such time that Blackboard will implement compatibility with the new feature.

NOTE:  Firefox is the browser that USJ recommends for Blackboard, to offer the greatest compatibility and best experience.


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Wed 11/17/21 1:10 PM
Thu 11/18/21 5:46 PM