Creating Secure Passwords


Users are not successful in creating unique passwords that must meet certain criteria in order to be accepted by a specific domain. Also, if there may be a threat to your account security, it is always suggested that users change their passwords as soon as possible to a strong intricate password. 


This article is intended to assist anyone who is creating a password. It is a good way to practice making secure, hard to guess passwords. 


Since passwords usually must meet certain complexity requirements – Below we have provided a few pointers on creating passwords that will ensure meeting the requirements for password complexity that most systems request. 

•       Start with your base password in all caps (example: USJ IT TEAM IS AWESOME

•       Find a method of alternating case and remove all but 1 space (example: USJIT TeamIsAwesome

•       Find a number to put in place of the space (example: USJIT0TeamIsAwesome

•       Choose some symbols that you will use as letter substitutes (example: 3=e, @=a, $=s etc.) work these into your password    (example: U$JIT0Te@mI$@wesome

•       Don’t reuse on other accounts or share this password with anyone 


The reason this process is an essential one to learn is because simple passwords that contain dictionary words or terms can be very easy to guess. This can lead to low security levels on accounts which could result in the risk of compromising accounts. Lastly, it is starting to become more well known that systems require much more complex passwords, and this article can be just the guide you need. 


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