Network Update Resources for Faculty and Staff - January 2024

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1.  Many important system changes are happening over the winter break.  These changes were summarized in an email from USJ Campus Communications on 20 Dec 2023.  A copy of the text can be found below, and you should first read and familiarize yourself with this information.

System Updates - Faculty and Staff

2.  Some systems and services may experience disruptions during the changes.  Please check the System Alerts page (linked below or from the MyIT main page) for updates on system status.

MyIT System Alerts and Maintenance

3.  The MyUSJ page now uses Single Sign On (SSO) like Office, Blackboard, and most other systems.  You will now log in with the same procedure as these other sites.

4.  After logging in to your computer, check the status of your mapped network drives (in File Explorer.)  The migration of your workstation may have resulted in some of your previous drives being unable to connect or missing.  If this is the case, follow the directions for mapping a network drive outlined below.

How to Map a Network Drive in Windows


Jenzabar Users:

Jenzabar has been upgraded to the new J1 backend.  Please follow the instructions provided to you via email to update your Jenzabar client.  While the system will look and function almost identically to the old version you are familiar with, the icon used to launch the program will be new.  The new icon will show J1 (instead of the old J icon) and you will need to use this icon to access Jenzabar going forward



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