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Faculty and staff can use this form to request assistance with copying a previous course to a new section in Blackboard.

Submit a request for courses setup in Blackboard to sync to ExamSoft.

Faculty who teach multiple sections of the same course in a semester can request to have their courses merged in Blackboard. This will allow the instructor to work in a single course without having to update multiple sections. Faculty will still need to manage multiple rosters in MyUSJ for submitting grades.

Use this service to request a new account in Echo630, or to request a course be added to your account.

Faculty can use Echo360 to record lectures and share videos with their students. When faculty link Echo360 to their Blackboard course, they can view analytics of student access and activity. Use this form to request an Echo360 account or an Echo360 course shell.

This service is for reporting printing, scanning, or copying issues.

Report an issue with Blackboard enrollments (Faculty/Student)

USJ Learning Management System (LMS).

Report an issue with Echo60

This service is for reporting issues using or logging in to Blackboard.