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Move Equipment to New Location - related to office move

Used to request new or revised access for a user to a shared network departmental drive.

Request hardware for a new employee, computer refresh (replacement) or need for additional hardware.

Request new software to be installed on your USJ computer

Request a new account for Jenzabar account or change to current access.

Request a new mailing list or support for an existing list.

Use this service to request assignment (or reassignment) of a USJ owned iPad to a new user.

This service is used to request new fax service, discontinue existing fax service, or convert from physical to eFax service.

Faculty and staff can use this form to request assistance with copying a previous course to a new section in Blackboard.

Use this service to request a new account in Echo630, or to request a course be added to your account.

Faculty can use Echo360 to record lectures and share videos with their students. When faculty link Echo360 to their Blackboard course, they can view analytics of student access and activity. Use this form to request an Echo360 account or an Echo360 course shell.

Do it yourself - Reset / Unlock / Change your USJ Password.

Request App deployments to USJ iPads

Jenzabar Password Reset Request

Guidance on connecting a TV, gaming device, or smart device to wifi at USJ.

Assistance with Reset / Unlock of your USJ Password.